and development
of unique process lubricants and coolants
25 years
in business
Industry expertise based on vast amounts of theoretical
and practical knowledge
Research and Production Enterprise Polihim, OOO
has its own high-tech laboratory
Why us
successful experience
In-house laboratory and production base
We develop and produce our own products, perform input control of raw materials and output control of products
More than 25 years of experience
The Company is based on the scientific base of the Russian Research Center 'Applied Chemistry' (formerly the State Institute of Applied Chemistry (SIAC))
Increasing efficiency and cost-effectiveness
After introducing our developments, many companies have significantly increased the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their production facilities
Development of unique lubricants and coolants
Polihim provides a wide range of lubricants and coolants for variety of applications. The company has its own scientific and testing facilities that allow to develop products for unique and rare equipment.
Full production cycle
The company has its own production, laboratory and warehouse complex
Service support
POLIHIM technicians provide support in experimental and industrial testing on customers' site.
In order to meet the ever-increasing demands of today modern processes, technologies and materials, including innovative production equipment are implemented in our production.
Our customers