Research and Production Enterprise POLIHIM, OOO has its own production site. When developing new products, unique technologies are used that can be implemented only on the most advanced and sophisticated equipment.

In 2014, the production equipment was fully re-equipped.

In 2016, a new and unique raw material processing facility was put into operation. The quality management system of Research and Production Enterprise POLIHIM, OOO is certified within the framework of ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Possibility to produce various lubricants

The Company's production equipment allows producing various types of lubricants and coolants.

Additional equipment for processing incoming raw materials allows the Company to produce products with the particle size distribution required by the customer.

The company has high energy capacity to ensure a constant production cycle, as well as to implement complex technological solutions.

Contract manufacturing

With the agreement of the terms of reference with the customer, Research and Production Enterprise POLIHIM, OOO carries out contract manufacturing

Presence of various tanks and vessels allows our company to produce goods in any necessary volume that is especially important at trying-out of new technologies.

Availability of an in-house laboratory will provide the necessary control of manufactured products at all stages of the process technology

All works are carried out by experienced employees of Research and Production Enterprise POLIHIM, OOO.