Our timeline

  • Research and Production Enterprise POLIHIM, OOO was founded in 1993 by Yuriy Sergeevich Kopylov, Candidate of Chemical Sciences (PhD), who has been managing the company since then.
  • Research and Production Enterprise POLIHIM, OOO was established after the project for development of coolants and lubricants was finalized at the Russian Research Center "Applied Chemistry" (formerly the State Institute of Applied Chemistry – SIAC). SIAC, as a leading organization in the USSR, had been developing this project in accordance with the Resolution of the USSR State Committee on Science and Technology.
  • Yu. S. Kopylov has always been the scientific supervisor of the project. He has developed a number of formulas and techniques for coolants and process lubricants for various industries. The results are protected by copyright certificates. Imported lubricants at Kamaz were replaced with new ones with great economic benefits.

For achievements in the field of creation of coolants and lubricants Yu. S. Kopylov together with his employees was awarded with gold and silver medals of the Exhibition of Economic Achievements of the USSR (VDNKh), personal award of VDNKh, government awards.

Theoretical achievements have been published in a number of magazines. Under the scientific guidance of Yu. S. Kopylov a number of dissertations for the title of Candidate of Chemical Sciences (PhD) in regard to coolants were successfully defended.


Research and Production Enterprise POLIHIM, OOO keeps on developing new lubricants and coolants and is constantly improving them, expanding their range and areas of use. The greatest achievements in recent years are associated with the development of effective lubricants for hot rolling, coolants for metal cutting, lubricants for casting aluminum ingots in moldings, water-emulsion conservation anticorrosion fluids, water-emulsion coolants for pipe-end upset.

In recent years the range of graphite lubricants and coolants has been actively developing. We have developed new products taking into account the latest trends in the world market of lubricants.

  • For the first time in our country a complex of water emulsion and process lubricants for aluminium pressure die casting was developed.
  • Water-graphite coolants for hot metal-forming processes such as hot forging, hot pipe drawing, hot rolling have been developed.
  • The introduction of non-flammable smokeless water coolants instead of oil-based lubricants for hot metalworking processes has significantly improved the environmental and hygiene and sanitary conditions of the respective industries.