Politren MD



  • Politren MD is used for cleaning, including degreasing, of metal and other parts and lubricant and cooling liquid circulation systems;
  • it is an effective solution for flushing of pipes after drawing and other processes which result in the contamination of the surface with oil and other process products;
  • the usable concentration has high anti-corrosion, emulsifying and cleansing properties ensuring effective cleaning from coolant lubricants, oils, fats, soap, emulsions, grinding and polishing pastes, soot, metal dust, etc.; the product also has a bactericidal-fungicidal effect on the microflora of emulsion, synthetic and semi-synthetic coolant lubricant contaminations;
  • Politren MD increases the service life of water-miscible coolant by 2-3 times, increases the service life of tools, improves sanitary and technical condition of industrial equipment, reduces damage to coolant lubrication supply devices in the metal working area and other machine components, eliminates operations such as washing and passivation.


Parameter Politren MD
Appearance homogeneous yellow to brown thick liquid
Water content, %, not more than 40
Density. 20°С, g/cm3, not less than 0,8
рН value of 2% water solution, not more than 13
Foam formation None
Corrosion activity of 2% water solution as per GOST 6243-31 +
Warranted storage life 1 year

Politren MD

  • supplied as a concentrate, to be diluted with water before use, or added to water coolant;
  • easily soluble in water;
  • Politren MD is used as a 2% or 4% aqueous solution for flushing pipelines after draining the spent emulsion following its circulation in the system for 2÷20 hours, as well as in the form of 5-10% aqueous solution for washing steel apparatus, steel parts and items manufactured from any other materials. For hard-to-wash items, the concentration can be increased to 8-17%, the temperature of the washing solution can be increased to 70-90 °C, the duration of washing process – to 30 minutes;
  • it can be used for flushing pipelines when adding (1÷2%) to the spent coolant 24÷48 hours before its discharge at the normal operating cycle.

Politren MD is a non-combustible washing liquid.

In accordance with GOST 12.0.007-76, Politren MD is classified in the lowest hazard class IV (low-hazard chemical compounds). Politren MD does not have sensitization properties.

When using Politren MD, the main component polluting the air of the working area is surfactant and triethanolamine aerosol (MPC wa is 5 mg/m3).

The premises where Politren MD is used shall be equipped with continuously operating supply and exhaust mechanical ventilation. Within the production facilities the air shall be monitored subject to the shop-floor air monitoring schedule agreed with the local public health authorities.

The personnel involved in handling Politren MD shall wear protective clothing and use personal protective equipment in accordance with standard industry norms.
When manufacturing and/or using Politren MD-based emulsions, the requirements of "Sanitary rules for working with cooling lubricants and tool lubrication", No. 3935-85 dated 09.29.1985, shall be complied with.

Use clean cloth to remove Politren MD from hands or face; rinse the remaining product away with plenty of water or wash with warm water.
In case of ingress of the product onto working parts of the machinery, the floor of the machinery area shall be cleaned with rags, and the remaining product shall be washed away with water.

Politren MD liquid is fully soluble in water. The product's maximum permissible concentration in water bodies (MPCw) determined for triethanolamine is 0.4 mg/l; the maximum concentration supplied for bio-treatment is 5 mg/l.
For disposal of Politren MD, its concentration should be brought to the above MPCw and MCB.